For Creators

We understand that your success and our success are directly interlinked. It would be best if you were not overwhelmed by monthly subscriptions or listing fees, we want you to focus on creating quality BIM content that will add more value to the BIM community globally.

That is why we don’t charge you anything to create an account and list your products on the BIM marketplace. We only take out a small percentage from every sale you make – 15%. That means, we only earn when you earn (in other words: we only win when you win, and we want you to win more).

Getting Paid as a Creator

When money accumulates in your seller dashboard, you can initiate a withdrawal anytime. Your requested balance will be sent to you via PayPal. We only support PayPal payouts for now. PayPal may deduct a percentage to cover their transaction fees, which they determine according to their terms of service.

For Buyers

On this site, a buyer is a user searching and downloading the BIM digital products (objects, templates, plugins, add-ons, PDF guides, eBooks, and pre-sets, among others) listed by our talented creators on the marketplace.

The price for every specific product is indicated on the product page, and that is exactly what you pay. There are no additional charges on our site, such as shipping fees or storage fees, as the products are digitally downloadable. Immediately after your payment is processed, your purchased products are readily available on your user dashboard for download.

However, there may be possible transaction charges by PayPal or your bank, depending on their terms of use/service – which we do not have control over.

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