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What is ‘bimgoodies’ (BIM Goodies)?

BIM Goodies or bimgoodies is a global online BIM Marketplace that connects creators and customers in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. It is a platform that promotes the advancement and implementation of building information modelling in construction projects by allowing professionals to exchange BIM object libraries, components, project templates and guides.

The bimgoodies BIM marketplace is an open platform where any talented architect, engineer, or designer can create an account and start selling ArchiCAD object libraries, Revit families, project templates, eBooks, and 3D Visualisation pre-sets, etc.

How the BIM Marketplace(bimgoodies) Works

Building information modelling is becoming the de facto way of doing things in the construction industry. Governments across the world have come up with different BIM mandates. They require some level of digital collaboration and the use of digital technologies to author, communicate and share construction information.

Before a construction project gets built, it starts with the creation of a digital model to test all the viable options in a less risky and less expensive environment. The digital model should be well detailed and capture the intended realistic physical characteristics of the structure to be built.

To come up with that, different BIM software is used to create the models. For example, ArchiCAD and Revit are the most common building information modelling software in the global construction industry. They rely on the use of design elements, objects, families and components to represent the physical structure of the proposed building.

However, the families, components and objects libraries that come packed in a default installation of the software are not exhaustive. If you need to accurately represent some of the local components manufactured in your country, you will be required to create custom objects, families and components for use with the software.

What if we had access to custom object libraries created by other designers for use in our projects? That would save us a lot of time in the design process.

Luckily enough, we can start sharing our awesome creations with the rest of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals on an open platform accessible to all globally. This is the bimgoodies platform, now popularly known as the BIM Marketplace.

Also, talented designers can choose to channel their efforts to document all the building components, elements and objects in digital files that can be imported to our native BIM software.

As a multivendor marketplace, we allow every interested individual to create an account with us, upload their products and start selling online.

What You Can Sell on the bimgoodies BIM Marketplace

The marketplace supports the sale of downloadable digital products. You can sell any kind of a digital product that is related to building information modelling, computer-aided design, computer-aided cost estimation and quantity take-off.

These products include project templates, project files, ArchiCAD objects libraries, Revit families collections, ArchiCAD templates, 3D Visualisation pre-sets (for Lumion, 3DS Max, Vray etc), IFC files, material and architectural textures, eBooks, PDF courses, programming scripts (Dynamo), among others.

Physical products are not allowed on the platform. We don’t do any shipping. All a user does is adds your product to their cart, proceed to the checkout page, pay and get access to the product download link. You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account after reaching a minimum of 10 USD in your account on the platform.

Getting Started as a Creator

To start uploading your products, all you need is a vendor account. Register as a bimgoodies creator here.

After creating your account, you can start creating your products on the marketplace. You will get a dedicated page on the site which will display your details and a list of all your products.

If you have any challenges, contact us at support@bimgoodies.com. We will be glad to help you through the whole process.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments section below.

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